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Safety Culture: How To Get Workers Invested

With over 52 billion dollars per year, safety culture has become an increasingly important topic. Workers who have spent their careers with certain habits and expectations tend to have a difficult time transitioning into being safety focused.

Even when tools and work stations are changed to be more ergonomic, the injury rates will never significantly decrease until a strong safety culture forms.

What is Safety Culture?

The term 'safety culture' means the change in workers' mindsets that leads to a significant change in safety behaviors. Forming a solid safety culture should be top priority in companies that value the safety of its workers.

It is the leading force in stopping injuries from happening and helping your company's bottom line. Here are some ways that you can help your workplace form a solid and long lasting safety culture.

Start With Management

Shifting a culture starts with shifting the mindsets of management. This includes all management, from higher ups to managers that deal directly with employees.

If workers observe their managers being positive about and invested in safety, they will be much more likely to become invested. This is a trickle down effect that sparks a strong safety culture. Appoint Influential Safety Leaders Workers are influenced the lost by their peers, which is why it is so important to appoint safety leaders.

This can be shift managers or shift workers, but find people who are interested in safety and a positive force in the workplace.

Rewards Equal Change

It's backed by peer reviewed studies; positive rewards equal positive behavior change. Reward programs are pivotal in changing the safety culture of your employees.

Have rewards in place for when someone does something safety positive. Give employees the ability to reward each other with public statements, gift cards or whatever your team chooses.

Improve and Increase Safety Training

Most employees that we interview state that they do not feel adequately trained in preventing injury. Whether or not your company already provides safety training, there are always ways to improve and grow.

Ensure that training includes education on soft tissue injuries, how they are caused and how they are prevented. Employees should be aware of proper work positioning and form for work activities.

Offer Safety and Wellness Benefits

Offering safety and wellness benefits provides your company with a competitive edge and hugely grows safety culture. Employees respond positively to employers who care about their well being. They also become less like to be injured and more involved in safety.

Professionals coming into the work place to teach employees proper form, correct potential injuries and fix painful areas cause safety culture to thrive and gets your company closer to zero injuries.

Reach Out

Here at Injure Proof, LLC, we support thriving safety cultures. Send us a message to ask questions or tell us what you've been doing to improve your safety culture.

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