Washington Labor and Industries analyzed 250 ergonomic case studies. 

See the difference injury prevention made for these companies.

Costs were cut by 80% for American Express Financial Advisors

American Express Financial Advisors

An insurance dividend of 1 million dollars was made by Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield

3M saw a reduction of 64% in OSHA injuries and illnesses.




According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, musculoskeletal disorders account for 33% of all workers compensation costs, making them the leading injury cost to employers.

The Leading Cause of Workplace Injury

According to OSHA, the direct costs of musculoskeletal disorders is $20 billion dollars per year.

Direct Costs of MSDs

According to OSHA, indirect costs of musculoskeletal disorders can be 5x the amount of direct costs. Indirect costs include training replacement employees, accident investigation, lost productivity, repairs of damaged equipment and property and costs associated with lower employee morale and absenteeism.

Indirect Costs of MSDs

According to OSHA, MSDs require 38% more time away from work than other injuries.  This causes indirect costs to skyrocket.

Lost Time

Prevention is the key to undercut costs and gain substantial savings.  No need to wait for your next injury.  Injure Proof is here to save you money and help your employees thrive.

The Solution



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